Lakey St Development

  • DVC has provided traffic and Transport advice for this development proposal over
    several years as the design has evolved
  • Innovative share zone areas are included in the design using patterned shared
    areas rather than conventional speed humps and bollards
  • Preliminary design of a roundabout on Holmes St and Harpenden St was undertaken
    and approved by Council so that the land requirements could be understood and set
  • A TIA report was produced and accepted by Council
  • A refuse management plan was also devised to the satisfaction of the refuse department
    including bin pad locations where needed
  • Two independent Rd safety audit reports were undertaken during the project to
    ensure a safe design was accomplished

Anthea St Structure Plan

  • DVC prepared a Transport Statement that considered the internal and external transport
    networks of the proposed Structure Plan of a large land bank located within the
    City of Swan in the suburb of Hazelmere
  • The proposed development incorporates a plan for some 180 residential lots and
    a reserve for recreation
  • DVC’s analysis illustrated that the proposal was consistent with the guidelines
    set out in Liveable Neighbourhoods (WAPC 2009) and therefore was supportive of
    the proposal from a traffic perspective

Murtin Rd Traffic Calming

  • DVC was commissioned to undertake a review of the traffic calming devices installed
    along Murtin Rd, Dalyellup
  • There were two main issues with the existing calming measures that made them ineffective:
    • They were too widely spaced, enabling drivers to travel at excess speeds along
      several sections of the road, and
    • There were issues with drivers avoiding the devices by either mounting the footpath
      or driving between the elements
  • DVC recommended a range of cost effective solutions to remedy both issues with
    the use of a median island, installation of several posts and signposts and an
    additional set of modified speed cushions

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