Pedestrian & Cycle Network Planning

DVC is passionate about the development of, and planning for, sustainable transport infrastructure which provides long-term community benefits by creating a more physically active society and reduces the dependence upon private vehicle usage. Comprehensive bicycle plans and pedestrian networks provide a crucial element of the framework for achieving these goals within local government areas.

  • DVC is able to draw upon considerable experience in the delivery of Local Bicycle Plans – the primary and most affective planning tool for coordinating the development and integration of bicycle infrastructure. We have experience with infrastructure design in accordance with BikeWest and Austroads guidelines, network evaluation, cost estimation, and pedestrian and bicycle network development.
  • Many projects that DVC undertake involve an element of pedestrian network planning. We believe that the creation of quality, walkable communities can have a marked effect on the amount of walking people enjoy. Given the diversity of pedestrians, we are of the view that most scheme designs should consider a wide range of user needs, including the needs of children, those with mobility aids and older persons.

Our approach to both cycling and pedestrian network planning involves assessing the state of the existing cycling/walking environment, identifying options for improvement, and understanding where improvements would benefit the most users. Such analysis provides a sound basis for choosing options and prioritising initiatives.

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