Traffic Signal Design & Concept Development

Traffic signal control is an efficient and increasingly more important tool in the management of intersection on our road networks, particularly in urban areas.

Requests for the installation of traffic signals may come from any number of sources typically from Main Roads WA, local governments and developers. These requests can arise due to existing problems such as high rates of traffic accidents and/or poor operational performance. In other cases the requirement stems from major road upgrades, new roads or to manage the impact of developments. In all cases, designs need to be approved by Main Roads WA prior to any installation or modification to existing facilities.

DVC has been responsible for the design of several new traffic signal installations and modification to many other existing setups. We have also designed traffic signal systems for use during roadworks.

DVC has undertaken concept designs for non-signalised intersection types including priority intersections and roundabouts. We have designed streetscapes, car park layouts, road networks for residential and industrial developments and public transport layover areas.

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