Parking Strategies & Solutions

Australia has an established history of high car ownership and usage. As a result, car parking has become a central focus in many areas, particularly those which provide employment and localised activity. Car parking serves not only local residents but workers, commuters, shoppers, visitors, students, and commercial operations such as freight or service delivery, to access employment, goods, services and recreational opportunities and to attend social and cultural events.

DVC is regularly commissioned to undertake or review car parking strategy frameworks and parking supply and demand management plans. We have a thorough knowledge of parking management best practices and are able to use proven techniques to optimise parking solutions for our clients including:

  • Improving parking facility design and operation, to increase user convenience and safety, and reduce negative impacts;
  • Improving enforcement and control of parking regulations, and address any spill-over problems that may arise;
  • Increasing parking facility efficiency by sharing, regulating and pricing; use of off-site parking amenities; employment of overflow parking plans;
  • Reducing parking demand by promoting the use of alternative modes of transportation and more accessible land use development.

Our Clients