Expert Witness Testimony

An expert witness can be defined as a person possessing certain specialised knowledge, skills and/or experience that goes beyond the knowledge of ordinary members of the general public. In Australia, both state and federal courts allow expert witnesses to testify in lawsuits in order to aid the trier of fact, usually a jury but often the judge, to determine how to rule on a case. The State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) also allows witnesses to provide testimony to assist it in determining planning matters referred to the Western Australian Planning Committee (WAPC).

DVC employs a number of highly qualified senior professionals whose expertise is well respected in the traffic and transport engineering sector. Donald Veal has been involved as an expert witness in a wide range of cases involving numerous developments including offices, hotels, mixed use commercial sites, mine sites, schools, child care centres, outdoor event sites, service stations and residential developments. Issues have included matters of access, road safety, parking provision, road network capacity and operational considerations.

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