Roadworks, Events & Mine Sites

Roadwork, events and mine site developments can present a wide variety of unique and challenging traffic and transport issues. At DVC we pride ourselves on our ability to find innovative, cost-effective and timely solutions in response to these challenges.

  • Roadworks: Western Australia has over 170,000 kilometres of roads, which periodically require re-construction, maintenance or work on services within their road reserve. Roadwork sites can involve many different activities that have the potential to adversely impact traffic movements.
  • Events: Events typically bring together large crowds of people to participate in or enjoy watching a particular spectacle. Due to the unique requirements of different events, DVC places great importance on liaising with event organisers and communities to ensure appropriate traffic management plans are developed.
  • Mine Sites: In the fast paced work of mining developments, DVC has played an important role in managing traffic and developing strategies for a number of projects run by several of the world’s largest mining companies as well as local mining entities. Our impressive track record and experience in this area means that DVC is ideally placed to assist in the planning and management of road networks for mine sites both in Australia and overseas.

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