Wedgefield Industrial Estate

  • DVC was commissioned to prepare a TIA for a development within the multi-purpose
    industrial estate servicing the rapid development of Port Hedland
  • Road Site access and internal circulation issues were resolved and staff parking
    segregated from large truck manoeuvring forecourts
  • Through our analysis, DVC was able to support this project and ensure that the
    proposed development had the necessary traffic and transport infrastructure in

Water Corporation Offices

  • DVC was commissioned to prepare a TIA to accompany the proposed construction and refurbishment of the Water Corporation’s Balcatta facilities
  • With the use of Autotrack software and leveraging off existing traffic databases DVC was able to demonstrate that the proposed developments satisfy the requirements of the City’s policies and Australian Standards
  • DVC’s report assisted in gaining the endorsement of the City of Stirling

Waikiki Village Shopping Centre

  • DVC was commissioned to prepare a TIA to address any traffic concerns relating to the significant expansion of the Waikiki Village shopping centre
  • By utilising Road published traffic generation rates and our own in-house expertise we were able to provide credible and detailed forecasts of the increased traffic flows as a result of the expansion
  • Our report addressed each of the public submissions that arose during the advertising period, resulting in a number of recommendations to improve the overall safety and functionality of the project

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