Tuart Brook Subdivision

  • As part of the proposed development of Tuart Brook, DVC undertook a TIA to provide the City of Bunbury with the analysis necessary to fully consider the likely traffic requirements of the project
  • The development included residential lots of various densities, a local centre, a primary school, aged persons accommodation and regional and public open space
  • DVC’s analysis was supportive of the structure plan and provided advise on the provision of path links to enable greater access to public transport, signalisation requirements, and the suitability of the motor vehicle, cycling and pedestrian facilities within the vicinity of the site

Victoria Park Town Centre

  • DVC was commissioned by the Town of Victoria Park to prepare a Transport Review of the proposed Victoria Park Town Centre Local Structure Plan
  • The Review included in-depth analysis of the structure plan outline, both the internal and external transport networks of the town centre and it’s integration with the surrounding area
  • Additional modelling was undertaken to assess the sensitivity of key intersections and car park access. The implications of light rail services were also considered

Jurien Bay Town Centre

  • The Shire of Dandaragan’s Town Centre Strategy Plan includes residential, tourist and commercial precincts. As part of a multi-disciplinary team, DVC was commissioned to review and improve a number of traffic related issues including the:
    • Current movement network
    • Operation of intersections
    • Effectiveness of traffic calming treatments
    • Extent of pedestrian/cyclist facilities
    • Adequacy of parking facilities
  • The strategy has been adopted and now guides future investment for the town centre which now enjoys ‘Supertown’ status

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